This is our blog about the adventures and experiences of two Snyder kids as they serve missions, one in Mexico and one in Japan, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These are the weekly emails and pictures they send home.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Settling in well

Hey everyone! It was an awesome first week here in the big city! It's
pretty cool being here in Tokyo. So, it's actually pretty
interesting... We're kind of serving in 2 different wards. The Tokyo
2nd Ward (English) and also the Senzokuike Ward (Japanese). There are
6 missionaries in the area and we're all serving in both wards. So we
go to Senzokuike Ward from 9-12 on Sundays and then we stay at the
church and have lessons/visit with members and then go to the Tokyo
2nd Ward, which meets in the same building from 1:30 to 4:30. So we still
get to work with Japanese members/investigators as well as many
American/Australian/any English speaking members/investigators, which
is way cool. Sundays are pretty long..but it's fun getting to spend
lots of time at the church with members. I'm not gonna lie, it was
pretty nice being in a sacrament meeting and church classes in
English. It was pretty weird at first but I, of course, adjusted pretty
quickly! It's also so funny how weird it was to associate with
American members. I didn't know how to do it at first! We get in such
a habit of acting/speaking a certain way around Japanese members which
is totally different than how we would act or say things in an
American ward. It only took me embarrassing myself in front of a few
members before I got the hang of it again. But anyway, both of the
wards are super strong and the members seem great.

So we have some solid investigators here in this area which is
awesome. We have a couple Japanese as well as a couple foreign
investigators that are looking like they're going to progress pretty
well! This week we had a good many lessons fall through, but we met
with some really solid investigators. My companion Elder Broberg is
way cool and we're having fun working together.

I'm so glad I have this opportunity to serve the Lord in this part of
the world. As unique and different as it may be, I know the Lord is
hastening the work in all parts of His vineyard. This is God's work. I
know it's true. Love you all and have a great week!

Oh, by the way, I'm writing this on P-day but we don't have time to
hit wifi tonight. So I'm hitting the send button so it will send when
we hit wifi tomorrow!

Elder Snyder

Monday, June 20, 2016

After six months in Koga, I'm going to Tokyo!

Hey everyone! It's been a good last week here in Koga, but we got transfer calls today and after 4 transfers here in Koga I'm getting transferred... To TOKYO!! I'm super, super excited! A lot of missionaries get sent to the Japan Tokyo mission and never actually get to serve in the city. But, I have been assigned to the Tokyo 2nd ward, which is actually ENGLISH proselyting!! Yeah.. That's gonna be weird. There are 2 areas in the mission with English speaking and I will be in one of them. I'm actually pretty excited to teach in English but at the same time worried that my Japanese is gonna take a hit! Haha. I guess we'll see! My new companion's name is Elder Broberg from Utah and I will be serving with him as zone leader again. It should be fun. 

I really loved my 6 months here in Koga. My testimony has grown a ton. I know that God blesses us so much when we are on the right path, even though they may not be very noticeable at that time. He loves us. He wants to bless us. And He will! I know this church is true! Love you guys!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

An elder of few words....

Hey guys, looks like you're having fun! Glad you made it safe and sound in Arizona and having a good time with everyone. I got the letters you guys sent me, thanks so much! I'm glad things are going well with y'all. Im doing good here. I'm probably gonna get transferred out of Koga next week which is probably a good thing... I'm so exhausted all the time with all this bike riding. But I guess I won't speak too soon since I don't know yet! Life is great though, we're seeing good things and being blessed so I can't complain. Love you guys so much!!
Elder Snyder and Elder Fountain

Monday, June 6, 2016

One line letter, but with pics!! :)

Hey everybody! It's been a good, busy week! Life is good! The church is true! Love you all!

 Some little kids we met on the street who wanted to play soccer with the Americans!

Japanese rice fields